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Morocco Intellectual Property Academy for IP Lawyers in Morocco
Broadcasting sports events - consumer rights to free access to briefs extracts of main events
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Interview of Mr. Redouane MAHRACH

on BFM TV dated 27/09/2012 regarding illegal beting by french handball players.

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Law 17-97 regarding industrial property protection.

Most important law relating to patend trademarks, brand protection and counterfeiting within Morocco.

Moroccan intellectual property and commercial property academy.

Morocco has now a structure that aims to educate intellectual property lawyers

Broadcasting sport events and consumers rights to get free access to to extracts of these events

Law 24-96 regarding information, electronic communications and telecomunications legal aspects.

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Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

RMS Lawyers is able to provide you with a variety of legal services to assist you with your Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology and Communications (ITC) needs.

Many businesses fail to appreciate or fully employ their valuable intellectual property, often dealing with it in a manner which can harm them in the long run.

We assist our clients to protect and commercialise their intellectual property in an appropriate and considered manner.

RMS Lawyers has a highly skilled Information Technology and Communications practice that deals with software licences and internet related concerns. We endeavour to serve the local ITC industry with several of our solicitors having keen interests and backgrounds in Information Technology.

If you have valuable Intellectual Property, then you almost certainly want to protect it. How you protect it and what you want to protect it from can vary, depending on your goals, needs and competitors.

Software, designs, machinery, artistic and literary works, websites, business and domain names all require differently worded agreements to govern their use.

If you do not have protection in place when someone else uses or develops your ideas, then you may well be handing over to them much more than you expect.

Business, Commercialisation and Startup Advice

Our advice to businesses on Intellectual Property is best delivered when it goes beyond simply the protection of the IP itself, because that is only half the picture.

The protection and commercialisation of IP is achieved through planning and preparation and this must be an ongoing process. Our goal is to help you secure your rights and to benefit from them.

Some types of Intellectual Property require that you protect your IP before you start to market your product; for example, patents.

RMS Lawyers  can assist you to arrange for the registration of your Intellectual Property.

For other matters, getting advice early can allow you to structure your venture more economically, prevent you from failing to comply with the relevant laws and can prevent other persons claiming ownership of your work.

If you want to buy someone else's IP and goodwill, or you want to sell your business, then careful attention should be paid to exactly what rights you will end up with and how that will affect you.

Hosting, Development and Other Service Contracts

Relying on others to provide services occurs in every business. Your preparation for what happens when those expectations are not met can be the difference between a smooth management of the situation and a disaster.

There are numerous ways that poorly considered arrangements between contractors and businesses can become a hassle for those involved due to misunderstandings or a lack of consideration.

For example, if the server that hosts a business' website, emails or database is not working, then the terms of the contract with the service provider will dictate what the provider's responsibilities are to deal with the issue and how it must be addressed.

Where a business is engaged to install or integrate software with other systems, the process can easily go wrong, have delays or cause business disruptions in other ways.

Or, if an employee or contractor is to develop a product or system, both parties may wish to re-use part of that creation. The question of whether they can is often surprising and often complicated.

Intellectual Property & Information Technology Communication Litigation

Dealing with IP and ITC disputes is a major area of our Commercial Litigation practice.

We find that the most common situations where proceedings about IP are fought relate to either the issue of who actually owns the IP, or the question of how much loss has been incurred due to a breach of IP.

In many other situations it may simply be a matter of us going through the necessary processes to enforce your rights or to help you deal with a false allegation of an infringement of a right or a breach of contract or confidence.


RMS Lawyers provide advises to both startup and multinational corporations on their core commercial transactions within North Africa and especially within Morocoo.

            - website terms of use,

            - website privacy policies,

            - website development agreements,

            - advertising agreements,

            - website hosting agreements,

            - content licenses,

            - distribution agreements,

            - alliance/partner agreements

            - end user licenses.


            - Software copyright Infringement procedure before Moroccan Courts

            - Seizure of infringing software

            - Injunctive relief

            - Unauthorized copying of computer software

            - Anti-piracy of software

            - Civil and/or Criminal actions