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creer site internet creation site web logiciel creation site Interview of Mr. Redouane MAHRACH on BFM Tv Regarding Illegal Beting in Sports
Morocco Intellectual Property Academy for IP Lawyers in Morocco
Broadcasting sports events - consumer rights to free access to briefs extracts of main events

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Interview of Mr. Redouane MAHRACH

on BFM TV dated 27/09/2012 regarding illegal beting by french handball players.

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Law 17-97 regarding industrial property protection.

Most important law relating to patend trademarks, brand protection and counterfeiting within Morocco.

Moroccan intellectual property and commercial property academy.

Morocco has now a structure that aims to educate intellectual property lawyers

Broadcasting sport events and consumers rights to get free access to to extracts of these events

Law 24-96 regarding information, electronic communications and telecomunications legal aspects.

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            - Formation of corporations entities,

            - Incorporations, organizations and reporting letters

            - Founders’ agreements, shareholders’ agreements, operating agreements, partnership             agreements

            - Employment and consulting agreements

            - Terms of service/use and privacy policy

            - Commercial contracts, services agreements, partnership agreements, supplier             agreements, reselling agreements and distrubutorship agreements

            - Structuring of equity ownership

            - Corporate governance, board of director matters and voting agreements

            - Bank documents and agreements


            - Corporate status, history and profile

            - Certificates of status/good standing/compliance

            - Certified copies of registered documents

            - Searches and registrations

            - Bankruptcy and insolvency searches

            - Litigation and execution searches


            - Annual general meetings and registration renewals

            - Maintenance of basic corporate forms

            - Maintenance of shareholders minute book

            - Preparation of Bord of directors meeting


            - Mergers & acquisitions

            - Strategic investments

            - Strategic alliances, joint ventures and outsourcing

            - Acquisitions of specific assets

            - Leveraged buy-out

            - Restructuring and recapitalization